NY Times: Product Liability Lawsuits Are New Threat to Microsoft

Trial lawyers have watched with increasing interest in recent months as malicious computer viruses and worms all exploiting security flaws in Microsoft software ¬— have crashed computers and networks around the world. It is only a matter of time, they said, before the class-action suits against Microsoft start dropping.
The first came last week, filed in State Superior Court in Los Angeles, asserting that Microsoft engaged in unfair business practices and violated California consumer protection laws by selling software riddled with security flaws. The suit seeks class-action status. More such suits are anticipated. (full story)
Cnet’s take

My spin: So what do you think? Should MS be held liable for software problems with its programs. I don’t think so. If so, this is a chilling effect on other software developers. Of course criminal and civil acts of breaking the law should be dealt with, not fulfilling on a contractual obligation or etc…but not a general suite against an ISV. But then again, maybe the MS suite has merit. It’s just I don’t seeintentionallyling trying to make crappy software.