NY Times: To Whom May I Direct Your Free Call?

IN the fall of 2000, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis had not yet earned any powerful enemies, at least so far as they were aware. They were just two obscure Swedish entrepreneurs who had worked with three Estonian programmers to write a file-sharing application called Kazaa. At the time, the free program was merely one of Napster’s several weak stepsisters, lumped together in news reports with the likes of Snarfzilla and ToadNode.
Mr. Zennstrom and Mr. Friis have reunited with the same team of Estonian programmers who wrote the code for Kazaa and have created a way to allow people to make high-quality phone calls over the Internet without having to pay a penny.
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My spin: Ahhh, let two or mor entrepreneurs and geeks get together and good things are BOUND to happen.