NY Times: With Palms, Fewer Is More

DEARLY beloved, we are gathered here to mourn the passing of a whole big bunch of palmtops.
They were the PalmPilot clones. They came from companies like I.B.M., Handspring, FranklinCovey and HandEra. They worked just like Palm’s own palmtops – that is, they synchronized your calendar and address book with a Mac or a PC, and could run thousands of add-on programs – but they offered a choice of bells, whistles and case designs. They represented choice, innovation and the giddy optimism of the days before the bubble burst. (full story)

My spin: Well I’m not so sure if LESS IS MORE. But having less, means the consumer has an easier pick. But let’s hope that there still is enough competition (and there is) for the main PDA vendors to offer competitive offerings.