Palm it continues to innovate…

I’ve been trying out Palm’s latest marvels (some call them PDA’s).
The Zire 21 (I have not tried yet) is only $99 but is the perfect “starter” PDA for those who are just getting used to using a PDA. Sure they are organized, as they’ve used a notepad for years. But they’re tired of losing pages, running out of ink and etc.
The T3 costs almost $400 but is expandable, is Bluetooth enabled and comes with 64MB of RAM. It is absolutely lovely – but I wish it had dual Bluetooth and wifi
The TE has 32MB of RAM but is an ideal PDA for the professional on a budget.
The TC has built in WiFi and a built in mini-keyboard. The mini-keyboard is ok for typing a few messages but I’ll still carry around my Palm (or Targu) foldable keyboard for serious typing and article writing.
Palm continues to do a great JOB!
As I’ve been preparing for “Put Your Office in a Bag”, my next seminar about mobile technology for mobile tech professionals ( ) I’ve been pleasantly amazed at the number of quality mobile solutions. From add on gadgets to enterprise class communications – the world of mobile computing is definitely a consumers play ground. Low prices (thanks to eBay just about every electronic gadget is low priced) and many options.
PS – one more interesting observation. Palm’s not only innovating on the hardware side but ALSO adding more and more useful software to its PDA bundles (now the most advanced PDAs can utilize Java applications also)