palmOne Road Show Presentation Available Online

Palm, Inc. (NASDAQ:PALM) today announced that it has posted to its website the road show presentation titled “Defining Mobile Computing” that it is taking to institutional investors in anticipation of a stockholder meeting set for Oct. 28. The presentation relates to palmOne, Inc., the company that is expected to succeed Palm, Inc., pending a successful stockholder vote.
The presentation comprises slides accompanied with narration from Todd Bradley, president and chief executive officer of Palm’s Solutions Group; Ed Colligan, current president and chief operating officer of Handspring, Inc.; and Judy Bruner, senior vice president and chief financial officer, Palm, Inc.
Bradley is expected to become president and chief executive officer of palmOne. Colligan is expected to become a palmOne senior vice president and general manager of the Palm Wireless Business Unit. Bruner is expected to become the chief financial officer of palmOne.