Wireless Networking Made Easy

I’ve just gone through Russel Shaw’s well written book, “Wireless Networking Made Easy” and indeed – he makes it easy.
If you’ve been meandering along with a wired network and toying with your PDA, “Wireless Networking Made Easy” will add a new dimension to your computing experience.
Being tethered to wires forcing you to compute based on the demands of the device. Wireless computing, however, enables you to compute and access data where it’s most convenient to you!
“Wireless Networking Made Easy” starts off by giving you an overview of wireless networking in general. The book then moves on to cover personal area networks, with discussions of bluetooth. Wireless Local Area networks are all the rage and “Wireless Networking Made Easy” covers this subject very well. It even gets into monitoring and extending your network.
I like “Wireless Networking Made Easy” because it gets into the nitty gritty of wireless networking but remains easy to read and enjoy.