Business Week: The Keys to Keeping Cell Customers

For most people, losing a cell-phone connection is a bummer. But for Greg Clemens, a real estate agent in Portland, Ore., it’s worse than that. Clemens often needs to negotiate contracts and talk with prospective home buyers on the go — only to find that his service drops calls or garbles transmissions too often. “It has been extremely frustrating,” he says.
Many wireless customer agree, at least some of the time. Only a handful gripe formally: The Federal Communications Commission received 3,901 complaints relating to wireless service providers in the second quarter, up 7% from a year earlier. But millions of customers vote with their feet every year, judging by how frequently they switch carriers. In fact, prices now vary so little that customers increasingly are choosing a provider based on call quality and customer service, says Martin Dunsby, vice-president for operations at wireless consultancy InCode Telecom in San Diego.
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My spin: Cell phone customers want two things 1) great prices 2) great customer service – that’s it. (and of course their cell phones to get connectivity when a call is made