IBM continues it’s march of innovation and features

While many companies have chosen to be focused on dropping the price of their computers. IBM, while being competitively priced, continues to focus on adding enhanced functionality and features to its line of desktop and notebook computers.
IBM’s press release: Entering the second year of IBM announcing it’s “Think” strategy, tomorrow, IBM is announcing that it is enhancing its line of TVTs with new tools designed to simplify two time-consuming issues: security and data migration.
In anticipation of continuing pressure on Chief Information Officers, Information Technology departments and individual PC users to increase productivity without increasing resources, IBM today enhanced its line of ThinkVantage technologies with new tools designed to simplify two time-consuming issues: security and data migration.
“Customers, analysts and the marketplace are telling us that reducing the cost and complexity of PC ownership is critical,” says Deepak Advani, vice president of marketing, IBM Personal Computing Division. “Users want to focus on what is truly productive. Small business owners don’t want to spend time trying to figure out how to escape from the ‘blue screen of death’ — they want to manage their business. Accountants don’t want to spend hours fixing a PC problem with the help desk — they want to improve financial efficiency. That’s what ThinkVantage Technologies help them do.”
Since announcing ThinkVantage Technologies in November 2003, IBM is now offering its second and third generation of solutions addressing problems with security, data migration, and wireless. IBM created nearly all these tools to help PCs manage and diagnose their own problems, so users can focus on something else.

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