Industry Leaders Identify Key Technology Trends at 15th Annual Phoenix Strategy 2004 Conference

Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ:PTEC) concluded its Strategy2004 for connected digital devices, customer and partner conference by announcing the results of a survey completed by a cross-section of global technology industry leaders from computer hardware, software, and communications.
In partnership with technology advisory firm Creative Strategies, Phoenix conducted a set of real-time attendee surveys designed to gain the perspective of senior executives of more than 100 digital infrastructure suppliers about key technology trends and market adoption drivers. Key survey results included:
Rising optimism about technology adoption — 89 percent of conference attendees expressed an optimistic business outlook for technology adoption by both enterprises and individuals. According to the survey, 58 percent were cautiously optimistic, 26 percent were very optimistic, and five percent were extremely optimistic.
Industry shift to value-based market differentiation — 67 percent of conference attendees reported that new product features and functions would drive new incremental revenue. This underscores a shift to value-based market differentiation in the PC and connected device industries. Only 33 percent reported that new features and functions were necessary to defend the current average selling prices.
Industry-wide focus on security — Conference attendees identified their priorities for security and trusted computing initiatives. The survey showed that 43 percent identified viruses, worms and malicious software as the most serious security-related problem faced by both individuals and business organizations. Another 22 percent identified hacker-driven identity theft as the most serious security-related problem; 20 percent identified malicious damage or theft caused by internal employees; 13 percent identified e-commerce and transaction security as their top priority.
In addition, 73 percent of respondents at Strategy2004 identified Linux or “some other” operating system as the dominant emerging standard OS in the consumer electronics segment. Windows XP was identified by 19 percent of the survey participants as the emerging dominant OS in the consumer segment.
“The Phoenix Strategy 2004 Conference is an excellent venue to capture real-time information on emerging adoption trends in the PC and connected device industries,” said Tim Bajarin, President of Creative Strategies. “The annual customer and partner conference attracts the most recognized technology providers, so it gives us an excellent opportunity to survey the executives of leading companies, such as Network Associates, Microsoft, Transmeta, Intel, AMD, and many others.”