Intuit launches a new 2004 software line up

Let’s get real here. Car manufacturers, push out new cars each year for two main reasons a) there’s some who have older cars who want the latest edition b) to give those who don’t have a particular model car incentives to buy a different car. Of course there are new advances in technology and these new advances are added to the new cars also.
Software’s no different and Intuit, like Microsoft and most other vendors regularly pushes out new products. Intuit has a base of millions of loyal customers (I’m one of them), but I think that MANY stay with older software and don’t upgraded with each upgrade cycle, as Microsoft wants to force many customers to do. However, there’s often many new features added to the new software so all current customers and potential ways should at least have a look. AND THEN decide if its worth it to upgrade.
I think of most importance, is that many third-party developers, all members of the Intuit Developer Network, are announcing new products or services separately available for purchase that integrate with QuickBooks 2004. Additional information about third-party applications and services that share data with QuickBooks 2004 products can be found on the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace through or directly at
Intuit’s Developer Network is a powerful tool that will enable Intuit to extend the usefulness of its products while giving end users added and useful functionality.
Intuit also announced new applications and functionality extending the flexibility and ease-of-use of QuickBase, a Web-based information management solution. I’ve used this tool before and LOVE it. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a database (and not just a simple database but one with meat and advanced functionality)
Here’s some of the products Intuit launched yesterday:
New business management and accounting solutions include the newest release of QuickBooks Basic, Pro and Enterprise editions, and industry-specific versions of QuickBooks for retail, professional services, manufacturing & wholesale businesses, as well as an upgrade of QuickBooks for accountants and QuickBooks Point of Sale retailers.
The new 2004 line-up includes:
– QuickBooks Premier, Pro and Basic 2004
– QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
– QuickBooks Online Edition
– QuickBooks: Pro Edition 6.0 for Mac
– QuickBooks: Premier Professional Services Edition 2004
– QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Professional Services Edition
– QuickBooks: Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition 2004
– QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition
– QuickBooks: Premier Retail Edition 2004
– QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Retail Edition
– QuickBooks: Premier Accountant Edition 2004
– QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Accountant Edition
– QuickBooks Retail Management Software, Point of Sale Version 3.0.
(Who’s the guy to up there in the photo? Ramon Ray, your Technology Evangelist)