Launchpoint Selected as Top 100 Services for Small Business

Launchpoint Inc., a leading company focused on the hybrid mail market, announced that its Zairmail service has been selected by BizBest as one of the 100 Best Resources for Small Business. Zairmail is the leading provider of Internet-driven direct mail solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses. As one of the BizBest 100, Zairmail will be featured in the upcoming paperback edition of the BizBest Resource Guide for 2004.
Launchpoint is one of the leading providers in the hybrid mail market. Hybrid mail is a term first coined by the U.S. Postal Service for mail that is routed for production electronically and then printed and mailed locally. The advantage of hybrid mail for small to medium businesses is that it is faster, easier, and can be 50 percent less expensive than traditional methods. For example, a small business person that wants to launch a direct mail campaign can visit the Launchpoint Web site; upload their mailing list (or buy one directly from Launchpoint); upload their document; see an online proof; and submit their job for production and mailing. The whole process takes minutes and costs a lot less than traditional methods. In addition, the Zairmail service offers contains educational content, templates, and everything else a small business needs to effectively market through the mail.