Microsoft Office 2003 Editions Users Can Research Alacritude’s eLibrary Within Microsoft Office System Programs, Making Research More Efficient

Without ever leaving their Microsoft Office System programs, Microsoft Office 2003 Editions users can find credible information they need for business, personal or educational research projects, thanks to seamless integration of eLibrary’s proprietary article database.
Let’s say you’re writing a report in Microsoft Office Word 2003. You need to quickly find a pithy quote from William Shakespeare, locate articles published about Microsoft’s last release of Office XP in 2001 or you’d like to determine when the Washington Senators* won their only championship.
Instead of switching to a Web browser, Microsoft Office 2003 Editions users can simply “Alt-click” on a word within Office programs and results from eLibrary (which include tens of millions articles from the world’s leading newspapers, magazines, journals, transcripts and great books) appear within a “Research Task Pane” in the Office document. The feature is also accessible by selecting a word and choosing “Research” from the “Tools” pull-down menu.
Relevant information from eLibrary can be directly entered into the users’ documents. The function works with Word 2003, as well as Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, Microsoft Office Visio 2003, Microsoft Office OneNote 2003, Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
“eLibrary’s integration with Microsoft Office 2003 Editions represents an exciting step forward in online research,” said Patrick Spain, chairman and CEO of Alacritude — publisher of eLibrary. “Microsoft Office 2003 Editions users are now able to use eLibrary to find, organize and publish answers at the exact moment they have a question — as they create their documents.”
While searching and retrieving article abstracts is free to all users, Alacritude is offering the subscription portion (access to full-text documents and proprietary tools) of eLibrary to Microsoft Office 2003 Editions users at a 25 percent discount through January 31, 2004.

My spin: This is what you call ease of use.