News Factor: PDA Makers Looking for Fork in the Road

The underwhelming customer response to handheld computing has PDA makers trying to figure out what to do next. Compared to wireless phones, which — according to figures from Gartner — are expected to hit 470 million units shipped this year, PDAs are on the decline, and only 11.3 million are expected to move worldwide.
In his Comdex keynote address earlier this week, PalmSource CEO David Nagel said that handheld computing was the focus of innovation. He suggested that sometime soon, everyone on the planet would be within reach of such products. Nagel described it as “a new era in computing.” (full story)

My spin: There’s one point being missed here. Yes, more people would want a cell phone than PDA. HOWEVER, there has to be a large segment, in the business world that still need and want a true PDA. Am I the last guy standing in the room?