NY Times: Developing Nations Begin to Embrace Internet Commerce

E-COMMERCE is starting to find a place in some of the world’s emerging economies. Governments and businesses in a growing number of developing nations have begun building the infrastructure needed for online commerce, according to a report released Thursday by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, or Unctad.
“Governments are more and more aware that this can be a tremendous boon to their economy,” said Angel Gonzalez-Sanz, an Unctad economist who spoke by phone from Geneva. “They’re starting to recognize that policy choices matter; the attitude of the government, the business community. When you tackle issues like infrastructure and lack of awareness, results come.”(full story)

My spin: It’s easy to focus on the tech expansion of the US and developed countires but online techonlogy is more and more reaching developing nations. Often via the assistance of national governments.

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