Quick Service, Quick Connection

McDonald’s, Intel, and Wayport Bring High-Speed Wireless Access to 16 McDonald’s Restaurants Throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area
Beginning November 7th, select McDonald’s restaurants throughout the Portland metropolitan area gave customers another reason to connect with the Golden Arches — by providing high-speed wireless Internet access (known as Wi-Fi) for wireless-enabled notebook computers and handheld devices.
On November 7th, the McDonald’s on 1215 NE 48th in Hillsboro invited any person with a Wi-Fi enabled notebook or compatible PDA device to visit the restaurant between the hours of 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. to test out its new wireless capabilities. As a bonus, wireless users received a free medium sized Extra Value Meal and were given a coupon for a free Wi-Fi connection.
McDonald’s is the first quick-service restaurant to offer high-speed wireless access in the Portland area. The new Wi-Fi service that is “Powered by Wayport” will be available at approximately 16 McDonald’s restaurants throughout the Portland metropolitan area with the majority going “live” November 7th.

My spin: So will customers order fries with thier WiFi? Only time will tell if this is a passing fad or a serious push by McDonalds and their partners.
I talked with McDonald’s PR about this. Businesses, consumers and so many visit a McDonald’s it’s part of mainstream America – as WiFi is becoming. McDonald’s is not doing this as a loss leader, said their spokesperson but is making a serious committment to this technology deployment.
Customer satisfaction is one reason (of course profit). Interestingly enough, McDonalds’ $3.95 per 2 hour connection a is low price and something that very few companies can do.