Toshiba Bundles VLI Gphone Wireless VoIP Software with PDAs

VLI (VL Inc.), the leader in bringing mobility to broadband telephony, has announced the bundling of their Gphone Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony software with Toshiba’s cutting edge e800/805 Series Pocket PC handhelds. Gphone adds the ability to place phone calls over IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi(R)) wireless LANs reducing costs and adding convenience.
PocketGphone is SIP compliant and has unparalleled quality and functionality. Combined with VLI’s service, the Toshiba e800/805 becomes a device that can make calls from the convenience of public hotspots and Wi-Fi environments worldwide.
“Combining the mobility of handheld devices and the efficiency of VoIP, the new Toshiba devices allow business users and consumers to have the flexibility and convenience they demand,” said Bingwei Yao, President and CEO of VLI.