Trend Micro Redesigns Comprehensive Antivirus, Content Security, and Anti-spam for Small and Medium Business Customers

Trend Micro, Inc. (TSE: 4704, NASDAQ: TMIC), a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services, today announced the introduction of new products designed to address the needs of small and medium customers who desire comprehensive, easy-to-deploy, and low cost virus and spam protection that is simple to maintain. Trend Micro(tm) Client/Server Suite for Small and Medium Business 2.0, Trend Micro Client/Server/Messaging Suite for Small and Medium Business 2.0, and Trend Micro InterScan(tm) VirusWall(tm) for Small and Medium Business 5.0 bring the benefits of large enterprise security solutions into the hands of small and medium businesses that typically operate with minimal or no IT resources.
Small and medium sized businesses (SMB) are just as likely to experience the same mixed threats (such as the “MSBlast” worm) as any large organization today, but are often not fully resourced to deal with these fast-moving and elusive viruses, or resourced to deal with intrusive spam which clogs their email systems. SMBs typically have small or only part-time IT staff, and may have in the past relied solely on individual desktop antivirus products for protection. Current solutions, designed for enterprise-level organizations, often prove too complex, expensive, and resource-intensive to be practical for SMB customers.
Through the introduction of its new Client/Server Suite for SMB, Client/Server/ Messaging Suite for SMB, and InterScan VirusWall for SMB, Trend Micro addresses the specific needs of SMB customers, for simplified management of desktop, server, gateway and Microsoft(tm) Exchange(tm) mail security. These “out of box” products are designed for easy installation and configuration, and are designed to provide robust functionality with a single interface to help reduce the costs of installing, learning, and maintaining a secure business.
“Small and medium-sized businesses shouldn’t be treated like enterprise customers with fewer seats. Although they face the same security threats, their ability and willingness to manage multiple and increasingly complex security solutions gets tested daily,” commented Steve Quane, Global Director of Product Marketing for Trend Micro, Inc. “Trend Micro is the first major antivirus provider to design products based solely on small customers’ needs. Based on extensive customer feedback, these new products should offer the same benefits as our enterprise products in simple-to-use yet highly functional packages, all backed by our award-winning support staff.”
Client/Server Suite for SMB 2.0 provides protection for desktops and laptops, and file and application servers against multiple security threats through a single, integrated console. During a virus outbreak, the ability to deploy update protection to all employees from one place can save crucial time in blocking new threats from penetrating businesses.
Client/Server/Messaging Suite for SMB 2.0 provides email antivirus security for customers with in-house Microsoft(tm) Exchange(tm) servers in addition to desktop and server protection. This suite also includes built-in heuristic anti-spam technology, which helps lower the cost and complexity of anti-spam protection. No other major antivirus vendor offers antivirus and heuristic anti-spam capabilities in a single product built for small and medium business customers.
InterScan VirusWall for SMB 5.0 is an all-in-one gateway antivirus and content security solution designed to scan for threats on SMTP, HTTP, and FTP streams. Also included is POP3 traffic scanning which helps ensure networks are protected even when employees access their Internet email accounts, a level of protection often overlooked by small and medium businesses. Integrated anti-spam, email content filtering, and URL filtering helps increase employee productivity and helps ensure appropriate use of Internet resources. InterScan VirusWall for SMB 5.0 is Trend Micro’s most comprehensive and affordable gateway solution to small and medium businesses.

My spin: If you’ve only been considering Symantec Anti-Virus for your business, it’s time to check out another vendor – Trend Micro. Their products are robust, feature rich, and easy to use. Most importantly competitively priced to meet any budget. In addition, they can get virus updates to you often faster than their competition (according to Trend Micro) and the virus definition distribution methodology is better also.