Verizon Wireless Makes it Easier to Switch to the Nation’s Best Wireless Network Without Changing Numbers

Consumers and Businesses That Want to Switch Can Get Started Now on the Web
Verizon Wireless announced that it has launched two Web sites as part of its commitment to simplify the process of changing wireless service providers while retaining the same phone number-known as local number portability or LNP. On November 24th wireless customers in the top 100 metropolitan areas will be granted the ability to change wireless carriers, without the hassle of having to change phone numbers; those interested in switching to Verizon Wireless can sign up today to be contacted regarding whether their number is eligible. The Web sites, one for individual consumers and one for businesses, can be found at or Those still deciding whether to switch can review the FAQ section to learn more about LNP and what it means for them.

My spin: Sprint issues a press release of tips in how to switch. Verizon launches a web site…the ware has begun. Who will be left standing? (Verizon will definitely be at the top somewhere they have great customer service)