Warrillow: 50% of cash strapped business owners found money for this last year.

In spite of a tight economy throughout the year, there have been some hotspots in technology spending. The investment areas chosen by business owners shows them aligning spending with business goals – the number of business owners’ focussed primarily on increasing the profitability, rather than the top line or revenue, of their business grew to a new high this year.
So, what is it that business owners have considered important enough spend on this year? Where are entrepreneurs focussing to improve operational efficiency and deliver their profitability goals?
Bottom-line driven business owners have placed a priority on cost effective ways to improve internal communications – both inside and outside the office.
Sales of wireless LANs, for communication within the office, increased by 50% in 2003 (AMI 2003). While the number of businesses using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to communicate to the office from outside has almost doubled since 2002.
While such technology can also be justified based on it’s ability to drive higher sales or client-facing functions, it is the internal operational benefits that enable employees to do more with less that has resonated with business owners.
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