Washington Post: Twilight of the PC Era?

Nicholas Carr seems an unlikely candidate for the technology world’s Public Enemy No. 1. A mild-mannered 44-year-old magazine editor and freelance writer, he’s spent five years laboring for the Harvard Business Review, not exactly a hotbed of bomb-throwers.
But now he finds himself branded a wild-eyed heretic and a threat to the underpinnings of the entire economy. His offense? Penning a 12-page article about the state of information-technology (IT) investment in the corporate world. Why has it jacked up the aggregate blood pressure in Armonk, N.Y., Silicon Valley, Calif., and Redmond, Wash.? Consider the title: “IT Doesn’t Matter.” (full story)

My spin: IT does matter and can be the difference between success and failure in a business – IF USED AS A TOOL!