What Your Company’s Web Consultant Doesn’t Want You to Know

Powerful, Yet Misunderstood Internet Tool Allows Business Owners to Update Their Web Sites From Their Own Desks – for Free
For many small- to medium- sized business owners, maintaining and updating a Web site has been a costly and time consuming process. Expensive maintenance contracts or knowledge of HTML are required. Dynamic database-driven Web sites are priced out of reach for many business owners. Now, however, a powerful, yet relatively misunderstood Web publishing tool is available that business owners can utilize to quickly update their sites without waiting for busy and expensive Web consultants to perform simple tasks like adding new pictures, changing text or adding a new email address. And the best news – it’s free! Welcome to the world of “blogging.”
A blog or weblog, is a Web page made up of short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically, like a “news” page. The content and purposes of blogs vary greatly, from commentary to news about a company, person or idea. Recently blogs have been appearing on political campaign Web sites.
Tom Mattson of Santa Barbara, CA-based Industrial Strength Design says most business owners are unaware of the potential of this new, free web publishing option: “I was reading the blogs of technical Web writers when I realized that blogs are really just Web pages. My clients could utilize a free tool like Blogger.com and update their own Web sites, the pages didn’t have to be called `blogs.'”
Mattson spent considerable time testing the available blogging tools and found Blogger.com to be easy to use and free. Blogger.com was recently purchased by Google. The buyout is considered a huge boost to an enormously diverse genre of online publishing that has begun to change the equations of online news and information. Now Google is positioned to surge to the forefront of what David Krane, the company’s director of corporate communications, calls “a global self-publishing phenomenon that connects Internet users with dynamic, diverse points of view while also enabling comment and participation.”