Will 10 Million Cell Phones Be Trashed on Nov. 24th?

Innovative Wireless Firm Offers Recycling Options to Millions of Customers Planning to Switch Cell Phone Providers
When you switch cell phone providers, what will you do with the old, incompatible phone? Stash it in a drawer with the warranty papers for the BetaMax you had in 1982? Throw it away? There is a better choice than contributing to the 250 million+ cellular phones contaminating land fills — you can give your phone new life by clicking on www.keepyourphonenumber.com.
Reliable Communications, the nation’s leading company for buying, selling and refurbishing pre-owned wireless products, has launched a Web site giving American cell phone users step-by-step instructions for keeping their phone numbers while receiving value for their old phones: www.keepyourphonenumber.com. Environmentally sensitive recycling bringing worth to “worthless” electronics is a good idea. Come November 24th, it’s a great idea.
Monday, November 24th, is the onslaught of “Wireless Local Number Portability,” a federal mandate allowing cell phone users to keep their phone numbers when they switch providers. Telecom consulting firm TMNG reports that as many as 10 million cell phone users plan to change service providers on Monday, November 24th. Another 30 million, according to the firm, are prepared to follow suit.
Changing providers still means changing phones. If ‘only’ 10 million people switch, they will generate almost 1,500 tons of electronic waste and well over a billion dollars in new phones and handsets. Those 10 million old phones can wind up in landfills, or they can find new life through Reliable’s programs.
With thousands of tons of cell phones and adapters/chargers slated for disposal, the case for recycling is compelling. “Mobile phones pose special problems at landfills,” says Chris Grubb, CEO of Reliable Communications. “There are toxic chemicals in the batteries and other components.”
The www.keepyourphonenumber.com site provides a handy frequently asked questions (FAQ) page containing important information about porting phone numbers when changing service providers. Also, the web site offers two avenues for recycling phones: the wireless buyback program, which offers users cash for their old phones; and Wireless Charity, a 501(c)(3) which donates proceeds from phones to charities.
“We’re ahead of the curve on portability,” says Grubb. “Our team has been preparing for this, and we have the people and business systems in place to refurbish all of these phones.”
Grubb is an energetic entrepreneur who turned a family start-up into a multi-million dollar corporation with more than 100 employees and a global business reach. A finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003, Grubb and his management team have more than 25 years of combined wireless experience, and more than 11,000 customers worldwide.
According to industry analysts, there are approximately 150 million cellular phone users across the country and nearly 27 percent already change service providers on an annual basis. With portability in play, the wireless industry expects that percentage to increase dramatically. With 150 million cell phone users receiving unprecedented freedom of choice next month, wise wireless providers will implement reliable solutions.
Founded in 1998, Reliable Communications buys, sells and refurbishes wireless products for dealers across the country. With more than $6 million in revenue per year, Reliable services a global customer base of more than 11,000 with customers in 10 countries, including the United States, Colombia, the Philippines, Israel, Singapore and Korea. For more information, visit www.reliablecommunications.com or call 1-877-257-2346.