ZDNet: Travelers insurance: Secure laptops and PDAs

Daniel Miller , Managing Editor, AnchorDesk
You may remember the story from a few years ago: A British defense official gets in a cab carrying a laptop that contains top-secret data about missile systems. The official gets to his destination, gets out of the cab, forgets to grab his laptop, the cab drives away, and scandal ensues.
For anyone who’s ever carried a laptop or PDA on a business trip, or even from meeting room to meeting room, such a tale should provoke a shudder. It should also provoke an urge to make sure your portable devices have some sort of built-in security, so if and when you make a similar mistake, you’ll have a chance of keeping vital company data (or just your own address book) safe. (full story)

My spin: Make sure that you secure your mobile technology – against physical damage and theft. At my last seminar “Put Your Office in a Pocket” we had a demo from someone from APC