Archive of December 2003

Toshiba’s PC business

My spin: I already posted something about Toshiba this week from another media source, but CNet’s insight is always useful. From Cnet: Japan’s Toshiba, once the world’s largest maker of notebook computers, is seen poised for major restructuring of its PC operations as it struggles to halt the division’s flow of red ink and recapture […]

News Factor: Steelcase CIO John Dean: Making Smart Tech Investments

John Dean is vice president and chief information officer for Steelcase (NYSE: SCS), where he has global responsibility for information systems design, development and support. Dean has held numerous I.T. leadership positions with Steelcase, including general manager of Hedberg Data System, a Steelcase subsidiary. As group manager of Steelcase’s Business Technology Group, he was responsible […]

Want a new, thin and light-weight laptop?

My spin: They are not going to be $999, like the heavier ones but with prices falling, across the board for technology – you can surely find a deal if you look in the right places. Cnn reads: If you’re smart, you’re ignoring all the holiday come-ons and so-called “deals” for new laptop PCs, and […]

Fedex and Kinkos get married

My spin: Walk into just about any Kinkos location and you’d see a Federal Express counter. Well now FedEx is buying Kinkos. Its a very good fit I think. Kinko’s image and brand of fast, quick and efficient is just what FedEx is about. UPS bought MailBoxes etc, I think. some time back also. These […]

Email – it’s the best thing out there.

My spin: Every online tool has its particular use and function. However, if there’s one tool that I would not want to be without it’s email access. It enables you to communicate with others. To receive information, to market your business and so much more. It’s great. For those businesses that can a) manage their […]

What’s inside the mind of Microsoft Business Partners

My spin:Microsoft Business Partners, technology consultants shared their insights in a Microsoft-commissioned study released today by St. Paul, Minnesota-based SoftwareMinds. This report gives a good overview of the direction the technology marketplace is going, in relation to consulting. According to the press release: The 33-page report focusing on business outlook and operational best-practices-the most comprehensive […]

Mail Blocks CEO dies

My spin: MailBlocks makes a popular, challenge / response system, to get rid of spam. Basically – all email is blocked unless a human clicks on a link to indicate they are human and not an automated spam program. Well the CEO died Cnet reports. Phil Goldman, the chief executive of antispam e-mail service Mailblocks, […]

Dial up competition eats into AOL

My spin:Listen, NO business should use AOL as their business account. Having just does not look professional. Every business should have a first class business account. Having said that – if you just have to have a generic email address and only need or want plain dial up, why pay $20+ a month for […]

NETWORKING. Everyone wants to connect

My spin: Sure, there’s millions of people who do not own a computer. Sure, there’s millions who only own one computer. But hey, there’s a LOT of us who have more than one PC, I have three in my home office in fact. Guess what we want to network them. A recent Tech Web article […]