All-In-One Solution Provides Continuous Protection, Remote Access And Secure File Sharing of Personal Computing Digital Content

Mirra, Inc. (formerly Ispiri, Inc.), today announced the immediate availability of the Mirra Personal Server solution, the first truly personal server for consumers and small office/home office (SOHO) professionals who need a simple and affordable way to protect, remotely access and securely share their digital files anytime, anywhere. The Mirra Personal Server is available for order online at
“Consumers and professionals are grappling with the volume of digital content they are accumulating,” said Richard Mandeberg, CEO of Mirra, Inc. “The Mirra Personal Server will transform the way they manage, share and
protect their important digital files, email and photos.”
Mirra, the first all-in-one personal server solution, automates the difficult and time-consuming processes for managing digital assets on our personal computers. It’s a simple solution to a complex problem. The
integrated solution combines three components:
* The Mirra Personal Server, an easy-to-set-up appliance that aggregates all of your PC content;
* The Mirra PC Application Software, which is installed on either a Windows XP or Windows 2000 PC; and
* The Mirra Service, which securely connects you via to your Mirra Personal Server when you are away from your home or office.
Features and Benefits
Mirra simplifies the home digital experience by taking the expense, hassle and complexity out of managing the constant accumulation of digital content. Key features include:
Hands-free Backup and Restore for Continuous Protection. Once you back up a folder, every time you save or create a new file in it, the latest version is instantly and safely backed up. No buttons to push, no CDs to burn.
Simply restore any previous version with a single click.
Remote Access to Files Anywhere, Anytime. Access your important files and photos on your home or office PCs from your Mirra Personal Server from any Internet-connected PC via a free account at All backed-up
folders are instantly available for remote access.
Secure Sharing with Friends and Colleagues. Share photos and large files with friends outside your home or office using a password-protected, free Web account. Files in folders that have already been backed up are instantly
available for sharing. No uploading, no waiting. Avoid clogging your friends’ email boxes.