ArticSoft Offers Free High-End File Encryption To Non-Profit Healthcare Companies

Leading information security provider ArticSoft today introduced an innovative charities program designed to give non-profit healthcare companies free access to the highest levels of privacy and data security.
Bona fide non-profit healthcare organizations and charities can now qualify to receive five free copies of FileAssurity OpenPGP Lite — ArticSoft’s popular software to secure files, folders, documents and email attachments that offers a low-cost, easy-to-use alternative to PGP protection products.
“Non-profit entities such as charities and research institutes have just the same confidentiality and data security requirements as for-profit companies, but industry has a responsibility to help them pay for it,” said Steve Mathews, chief executive officer of ArticSoft. “Our new program combined with our practice of giving away free reader software creates an enormous low-cost opportunity for all healthcare companies to take advantage of high-end encryption. Thanks to its simplicity, users are up and running in less than five minutes.”

My spin: Why do vendors always call themselves leading? In any case Non-profits who need hi-end security and want it free MIGHT want to look into ArticSoft’s solution. But to understand – you sometimes get what you pay for. Free – are you going to be ArticSoft’s guinea pig? Will they offer tech support?