Can outsourcing work for your business?

My spin:Some businesses choose to do the bulk of their work “in-house”, while others choose to outsource most, if not all of the non-core business fucntions to others. Outsourcing can work for your business. However, it’s important that you a) know what you SHOULD outsource and not outsource and b) ensure that the outsource service provider relationships and end resutl delivery is properly managed.
News Clip: News Factor: The long economic slump in technology has put many of the issues behind telecommuting and “telework” — working at home, a satellite office, or on the road — on the shelf. Organizations forced to slash staffing costs are more tied up with figuring out who to lay off than trying to retain existing employees with enticements to work from home.
However, as the surge in I.T. outsourcing demonstrates, more and more I.T. jobs can be performed remotely, in the U.S. or offshore.
But, is letting I.T. staff work from home — especially administrative and support people — a good move? What I.T. tasks are better done on site? And does telecommuting — and outsourcing, for that matter — really save a company money?
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