CMP Media Launches Custom Mobilized Software Site in Association with Intel Corporation

CMP Media today announced a new online destination for developers of mobile applications — Mobilized The online community is part of Intel’s Mobilized Software Initiative to help software developers create better mobile applications. Applications designed following mobilized software guidelines provide a better experience for mobile users, whether they are connected to a network or not. Mobilized will be tailored to the information needs of developers, IT and solutions providers who create the community of builders, users and sellers of mobile software.
“Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile and needs solutions that are intelligent enough to work when and where the user needs them. This turning point is an opportunity for the mobile software community but they need support to seize it,” said Joe Braue, Vice President of CMP Media’s Custom Integrated Media Solutions. “Building on content from CMP’s leadership brands in software development, enterprise IT and solutions provider markets, including Dr. Dobb’s Journal, InformationWeek and CRN, and augmented by content from industry leaders such as Intel, enables us to create a community resource for the entire mobile industry.”