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My spin:Mobile data access is vitally important. I looked at’s web site and there’s a nice bit of useful data bases available. If you love info and want it in your hand or pocket – Handango and are something you should seriously consider.
News Clip: Handmark(R) Upgrades MobileDB(TM) for Palm OS(R), Windows Mobile(TM) and Smartphone Devices
Handmark(R), the number one retail publisher of PDA software, has upgraded MobileDB(TM), the most used data listing tool for Palm Powered(TM), Windows Mobile(TM) and Smartphone devices. The new version, MobileDB 4.1, adds significant new features while preserving both ease of use and an open file and programming interface.
The new version adds the ability to manage hundreds of data lists on your PDA or mobile phone, and wirelessly download vast amounts of information available on the largest free information site for handheld devices,
New features include:
— Download new data lists from within MobileDB on wireless devices
— Dial voice calls directly from a record containing a phone data type.
— Launch a URL in a MobileDB record in the device default browser.
— Send email to an address in a MobileDB record.
Upgrades to version 4.1 are available free to registered users of MobileDB version 4.0 from the web site. Also available are specially priced combinations that include optional plug-ins for Microsoft(R) Access, FileMaker(R), and Microsoft(R) Excel. The plug-ins automate the creation of MobileDB lists from other application data.
According to Handmark marketing vice president, Douglas Edwards, “MobileDB 4.1 eliminates the need to do a web search and sync with desktops to access and add data from the vast poll of free data available in MobileDB format. By adding voice dial as a data type MobileDB users can easily access multiple lists from clubs, membership organizations, or business contacts that just don’t belong in their permanent device address book. On the other hand, any contact in a MobileDB file that you want in your Address Book can be added from a simple menu option. Altogether these new wireless features make MobileDB essential on every smartphone, or WiFi enabled PDA.” There are more than 1,500 free MobileDB files relating to sports, business, travel, and other categories available from either or online public repositories.