DEMO 2004 Sets the Tone for a New Year

Approximately 60 never-before- seen technology products and services will launch at DEMO 2004 this coming February. In its 14th year, the DEMO Conference is recognized around the world as the place to learn about new technologies. Corporate executives, journalists, and venture capitalists attend DEMO to understand the future of the tech industry, gaining insight in order to make key decisions in IT acquisition, manufacturing, and investment opportunities.
“Every year I’m approached by busy executives who ask me if they should put aside time to attend DEMO,” said Chris Shipley, DEMO executive producer. “The answer is a decided YES! DEMO is where deals are struck that result in funding or customer announcements in the weeks immediately following the conference. DEMO is where attendees learn about the industry factors that will affect their business in the coming 12 months: competitors, market-altering products, and technologies that solve real corporate headaches. My question for potential attendees out there is: can you possibly afford to miss DEMO?”
DEMO 2004 will explore key issues affecting technology today:
— Is there finally a viable contender to Microsoft’s Office and Outlook products? DEMO investigates the challengers.
— Web logging isn’t just for aspiring novelists anymore. Blogs are rapidly moving from a publishing phenomenon to an essential tool of enterprise communicators. Find out how blogging will affect your business and how you can use this booming community to your advantage.
— Technology has moved far beyond the realms of Silicon Valley. As many as a dozen companies from countries including the UK, France, Israel, China and Singapore will participate in DEMO 2004. We’ll look at the increasing global influence on U.S. technology.
— Are your web applications secure? It’s likely that they are not. Customer-facing web applications are the most critical vulnerability for today’s enterprises. DEMO will show you how to “cover your assets.”
Beleaguered IT executives will find relief at DEMO 2004 in products that will absolutely change the way they justify, deploy, support, and manage corporate IT assets. DEMO 2004 will take place at the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona February 15 – 17, 2004. Those interested may register for DEMO 2004 online at
The DEMO 2004 Conference is comprised of the following activities:
— On-Stage Demos: The newest, most innovative products and services are demonstrated in a quick, consistent format. Less talk, no marketing hype, more demos.
— Hot Seat Presentations: Quick and dirty. Select demonstrators get 60 seconds to pitch their company, product, and value proposition to DEMO attendees.
— Show Downs: Face-off comparisons of products designed to address some of the most vexing problems technology users face today.
— Demonstrator Pavilion: Here’s where the high-level networking happens and strategic relationships are forged. Demonstrators in the pavilion can go in-depth into their products and show off exactly what they can do. In the pavilion, customers are won, venture capital is awarded, and partnerships are formed.
— Thinking Way Outside the Box: Many of the products you’ll see presented at DEMO are still in development. This sneak-peek at next-generation technology puts you ahead of the pack, so you’re able to move on new
market potential before everyone else does.