DigitalLife – Ziff Davis’ new expo

My spin: I know your fee start screaming when you think of going to yet another exposition – at the Javtis or anywhere else. However, give ZD’s new event – Digital Life a chance. It’s next October so you’ve got plenty of time to rest those poor heals.
News Clip: Ziff Davis Media’s Event Marketing Group announced today the launch of DigitalLife ( a new four-day special event that brings together the latest in digital technology for the home, work and play. DigitalLife, which captures the excitement and the potential of digital technology, is designed to be a powerful catalyst that will inspire, educate and empower consumers — igniting the holiday sales period.
DigitalLife will kick-off October 13-16, 2004 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. The special event is expected to attract more than 25,000 consumers and technology enthusiasts – all eager to experience the next-generation in digital technology products.
DigitalLife includes several innovative event components – seminars and workshops, guest speakers and technology showcases – each designed to help consumers make smart buying decisions and help them better understand how to apply digital technology to their lives. DigitalLife provides technology companies with a great marketing tool for building brand loyalty and product preference.
“American consumers will spend nearly $100 billion on digital technology and electronics by the end of this year,” said James Hasl, Vice President, Ziff Davis Media Event Marketing Group. “The market is booming and consumers are faced with an incredible but overwhelming number of choices. Consumers want to speak to knowledgeable staff, be assured that the products they are considering will work together and are easy to use. DigitalLife makes learning about technology fun, easy and convenient for consumers.”