Do-it-all telecom providers should you buy from them?

My spin: While do it all telecom provides are all the rage and only going to increase, businesses should really consider if they want to put all their eggs in one basket. If the provider fails – does that mean all the business’ services are also gone (Internet access, web site, email, and phone service)?
News Clip: NY Times: Look for 2004 to be the Year of the Bundle.
“Next year, that’s all you’ll hear about,” said Bobby Amirshahi, a spokesman for Cox Communications Inc. “Everybody is going to say that they have the bundle.”
For those who are still unraveled, bundling occurs when telecommunications companies try to become the sole provider of telephone, Internet and television services. The companies consider this the triple play, but the question is whether this marketing strategy will strike out – as it has tended to in the past.
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