Document Management. Reduce your file cabinets and streamline your operations.

My spin:I don’t know anything about Westbrook Technologies. But overall, the market for a document management solution is something that every business owner should consider for their office. When you’ve got filing cabinets bursting and 10 people need to see a fax – a document management solution is the answer.
News Clip: Document management software developer Westbrook Technologies announces Fortis SE, a new product targeted to the SME (small-to-medium enterprise) market segment wishing to gradually move into a full document management offering, yet still in need of rich features and Web-enabled document management capabilities.
Based on market analysis and direct customer and reseller feedback, Westbrook Technologies created a departmental solution with Web-based document management capabilities, workflow functions and audit trail features. Businesses who need to comply with regulations and records management issues will find Fortis SE an attractive solution at a competitive price point.
“Today the SME market segment calls for a product with the functionality of a Rolls Royce sophistication, feature-rich and on the edge of technology, at a Mini Cooper price position. That product is Fortis SE, directly targeting corporations that require the power and scalability of our flagship offering Fortis, at a competitive, entrant-price position,” said CEO Sean Donegan.