Don’t buy anything. Barter

My spin: Over the years, I’ve bartered for MANY things. Unlike the focus of the article below, about official barter networks, many of us smaller businesses barter without thinking. You need some chairs. Why not do a free server upgrade and get $2,000 worth of chairs as payment? Bartering can work but just make sure it works for YOU.
News Clip: EDWARD L. SILVERSTEIN, 65, has traded the haircuts, perms and dye jobs given at his Shear Success beauty salon in Newington, Conn., for many goodies over the years.
In the salon itself, he has traded them for a new tile floor, carpeting, upholstery, electrical work, coffee, a water cooler and the service of cleaners who come twice a month. At home, he has traded hair care to have his car repaired, his lawn mowed and his driveway plowed. In his leisure time, he has traded for a trip with his wife to the Poconos, a white-water rafting expedition in Maine with a grandson and a hot-air balloon trip with another grandson.
And three years ago, he traded his services for most of a $20,000 addition to his home. The root-canal surgery? One of his more painful trades.
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