Don’t want to deal with eBay? Want to sell on eBay? Let someone else do it for you.

Joshua MacAdam is the president of Auction Wagon, one business set up specifically to sell merchandise for its customers on eBay.

My spin: eBay’s great for getting rid of things you don’t need. Or as many businesses know, for getting additional customers for a wide variety of products. However , there’s a bucketful of folks who want to sell via eBay, or any other means, but just don’t have the wherewithall to sell online (not sure how, nervous, or etc). There’s companies, thanks to capitalism, that can help.
News Clip: NY Times: WHEN Marc Strohlein bought a mountain bicycle a few years ago, he put his old racing bike in the garage and forgot about it. It languished there until recently, when he noticed a highway billboard in the heart of Silicon Valley offering a tempting proposition: “You drop it off. We sell it on eBay.”
So, on the day before Thanksgiving, Mr. Strohlein, 49, a market research analyst from El Granada, Calif., packed the racing bike into his sport utility vehicle and hauled it to AuctionDrop Inc. in San Carlos, Calif. The company is one of a handful of new businesses that will take in a customer’s merchandise, photograph it, post it on eBay, the Internet auction site, then ship it to the winning bidder. (Customers drop off the merchandise themselves.)
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