DSL/Cable or “high-speed” dial up.

My spin:Earthlink, PeoplePC and others are offering their dial-up users, hi-speed dial up access. Although not as fast nor as expensive as real broadband connections, such as DSL or Cable, it might be worth it for some. At $16 per month, for a 224kbps connection – that’s not too bad. I pay $120 per month for a 720kbps connection. However, as broadband prices decrease these “super” dial up offers might not be so compelling.
News Clip: For dial-up customers looking for quicker download times when surfing the Web, PeoplePC(R) Online, a leading provider of high-quality, value-priced Internet services, today announced that it has launched PeoplePC Online MaxSpeed.
Featuring an acceleration technology, MaxSpeed enables users to surf the Web at speeds that are up to five times faster previous dial-up rates. This added boost for dial-up Web surfing, along with PeoplePC’s standard Smart Dialer technology for fast and reliable connections, will be priced at a monthly rate of $15.95.
“PeoplePC Online MaxSpeed delivers on the growing consumer demand for speed when surfing the Web,” said Julian King, PeoplePC’s vice president of marketing. “MaxSpeed is the first in a line of new tools and features that PeoplePC expects to launch in 2004 to enhance our customers’ Internet experience.”
PeoplePC Online MaxSpeed enables faster surfing speeds by utilizing a Web acceleration technology that reduces the size of Web pages and page elements sent to members browsers. PeoplePC Online subscribers enjoy unlimited nationwide access with more than 9,000 local dial-up numbers and proprietary Smart Dialer technology that automatically connects them to the highest quality, most available number so they always have the best connection.