Email – it’s the best thing out there.

My spin: Every online tool has its particular use and function. However, if there’s one tool that I would not want to be without it’s email access. It enables you to communicate with others. To receive information, to market your business and so much more. It’s great.
For those businesses that can a) manage their influx of email (spam and real) and b) strategically leverage outbound email business communications they will succeed. They will do more with less
The York Daily Record reads: The boom in Internet use has hit a plateau, but one thing is certain ó people love e-mail.
About 102 million Americans used e-mail as of December 2002, up from 78 million in 2000.
One example was an increase in Yahoo! Mail’s audience. In October 2003, Yahoo! Mail had about 34 million users, up from 29 million in December 2002.
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