the FREE COMPUTER – it’s back!! (from the Brits)

My spin: I thought companies would have learned by now, that there’s no money to be made in FREE computers. If they didn’t learn that lesson, I hope consumers learn to NOT go for these FREE pc deals. Some things in life are free, like the love I have for my family. However, in getting a free PC a) will you really get as good support as you would if you bought the PC b) will the free PC company be around for the long haul. I’m sure there’s other issues but these are some to consider.
News Clip: CNN: A brand-new computer for free may sound too good to be true, but a British company is offering it to every UK household and even promising to replace it with a new machine after three years.
The catch? London-based Metronomy says in return for a free IBM personal computer worth 800 pounds ($1,400 U.S.), customers will have to bear with one minute of on-screen advertising for every 20 minutes of computer use.
Each household will also have to use the computer for at least 30 hours a month — about an hour a day.
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