Going online. Such a pain.

My spin: Well I’m glad there’s tools to ease the pain. I use Google’s tool bar to block pop-ups and Earthlink filters my spam. HOWEVER, for email I’ve got to go to an Earthlink web site to frist make sure there’s no email I want in my spam box – what a pain!!
Thankfully there’s tools to make the online process easier.
News Clip: Washington Post: This is the year the Internet officially stopped being fun. The festering problems of spam, spyware, viruses, worms and pop-ups boiled over, making the online experience merely annoying at best, financially and emotionally destructive at worst.
Users of Microsoft Windows found themselves in the bull’s-eye — years of inattention to security issues in Redmond, Wash., left them exposed to the Blaster worm, the Sobig virus, Messenger Service pop-ups, spyware infestations and worse, while Mac and Linux users missed out on all the “fun.”
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