Helping Tech Advisors Help Accounts how Help their Clients work with technology

My spin: The circle and realms of influence in the life of smaller businesses is amazing. For example, many businesses ask their accounts for help, indirectly or directly with technology purchases and etc. The accounts in turn often know of and/or team up with technologists for the expertise. Accounting vendor, Best software is helping accountants work with tech consultants.
News Clip: Warrillow Weekly: As key influencers to small business owners, accountants are often courted by big business. When an entrepreneur seeks advice from their most trusted advisor, the big brands hope it’s their product or service that is recommended.
Accountants themselves are facing new and unique challenges in this role of business advisor. In the past, accountants have used a backward-looking service model. Traditionally, an accountant’s expertise is to collect data from the past and inform their clients of historical performance. Their competence is based on their ability to measure the results of events that have already occurred.
Best Software discovered that evolving into the role of business advisors places new and unexpected pressures on accountants. Accountants must step out of their familiar territory of historical reporting and focus on their clients’ present performance and future potential. Predicting the future, an unthinkable task for accountants but required for a business advisor, must become part of their core service offerings.
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