Hidden costs of owning a Mac

My spin:I’ve been a life long PC user and don’t envy anyone using a Mac. But guess what, I know many people who could say the same of me and my PCs. For those using a MAC or those interested in buying one, the News Factor piece is of interest. If you are buying a computer for your business, do get a PC and NOT a Mac unless you have a very specific reason for getting it.
News Clip: News Factor: It is one of the givens of personal computing that PC ownership entails significant hidden costs. After the initial purchase price, an owner faces repairs and maintenance, plenty of software snafus, and the headaches of virus-infected hard drives.
But if that personal computer is a Macintosh , the issue of extra costs turns from a given into a matter of debate — at least among Mac partisans. Yes, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) owners will admit, perhaps the machine costs more than a Windows box. But the Mac’s design is so superior that once the initial sticker shock wears off, no hidden costs emerge.
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