How can you get a jump online?

Shmuel Gniwisch, of the online retailer, says that having in the business helps in getting shoppers to think of using the Internet when buying jewelry.

My spin: For many smaller companies, but even big ones, it’s not all that hard to set up an e-commerce site. The harder part is getting traffic, but more so sales. One way is to hook up to a high traffic web site such as, Yahoo Stores or other locations. This does nto mean that your life is going to be perfect – but the traffic these stores pull in just might get some traffic for your neck of the woods in their forest.
News Clip: As in other recent holiday seasons, Inc. this year has successfully peddled the staples – books, music and videos – of online gift shoppers. But how about those alligator tenderloins, Callaway drivers and Mikimoto pearls? is wrapping up its first holiday season in which it has featured such goods and others in distinct “stores,” or categories. Since September it has opened four stores: gourmet food, sporting goods, jewelry and watches, and (just last week) health and personal care. Retailers who are participating in the new stores and analysts who have watched them closely said’s sales in those categories had shown promise. (full story)