How to get “FREE” telephone calls

My spin:As voice over the Internet telephoning gets more popular, making phone calls will be so cheap, it’ll appear to be free. You’ll get one bill for all your Internet connectivity needs. Broadband – it’s worth it.
News Clip: MSNBC: Technologists used to predict that in a true broadband Internet world the cost of sending voice telephone calls would become so low that it would no longer be worth billing for them. Now, in a flurry of year-end announcements, everyone from start-ups to Ma Bell herself has announced their intention to deliver voice over the Internet. So when does the free part start?
How about never? The technologists were technically right: voice over the Internet (VOIP, for Voice Over Internet Protocol) will end up being so small a part of the data stream that it alone will not be worth metering. But VOIP is probably, right now, just about as free as it’s ever going to get. If you already pay for Internet access, making telephone calls costs nothing, once you’ve invested in a bit of extra hardware–but with some big caveats.
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