Intel combines two unprofitable business uints – wireless and communications

My spin:Intel is a leader in wireless and mobile commnications chip making. However, being a leader does not mean you are going to be profitable – and profitability is what counts.
News Clip: Intel Corp., the world’s largest chipmaker, said Tuesday it is combining two unprofitable business groups, and an executive who was in charge of one of them will retire early next year.
The news comes less than a week after the Santa Clara firm announced it will have a $600 million goodwill impairment charge in the fourth quarter related to the company’s Wireless Communications and Computing Group.
Although Intel has been wildly successful in becoming a dominant player in the microprocessor space, the maturing PC market has prompted the chipmaker to diversify its business by looking at other areas such as cell phones. But the new ventures have not panned out.
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