Linux competes with Microsoft. Microsoft studies Linux

My spin: The three dominant operating systems, with Microsoft Windows far ahead is Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux. Linux is a growthing threat to Microsoft’s dominance with Macintosh, a stable co-competitor of sorts. I’ve heard a saying that says something to the effect of , if you don’t know your enemy you can’t really beat them.
Hence, Microsoft is doing a SMART thing by understanding all it can about Linuxa nd Linux users.
News Clip: Microsoft (Quote, Chart) has a new tactic in its war against Linux and open source software (OSS).
Michael Surkan, a program manager in Microsoft’s networking group, is contacting members of Linux user groups about two surveys (one for home users, the other for work users).
Recipients are asked to rate 25 commonly given reasons for using Linux, including “ease of installation,” “reliability” and “the satisfaction of not giving Microsoft more money.” They are also asked to suggest improvements for both operating systems.
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