NY Times: Beware the Worm in Your Handset

TOKYO, Nov. 27 – As more consumers begin surfing the Web and sending e-mail messages on cellphone and hand-held devices, along comes a new worry: worms and viruses spread via Internet-enabled handsets.
The problem is still small, with only a few cases reported globally. But as operating systems in cellphones become standardized, hackers will probably begin focusing on vulnerabilities in those systems as they have with personal computers. And as cellphones and personal digital assistants connect to the Internet at ever faster speeds, more users will be able to download files with attachments – some of which may be infected. (full story)

(Photo credit: Ko Sasaki for The New York Times)
Nobuyuki Watanabe, an executive at NTT DoCoMo of Japan, looks for solutions to the problem of virus-infected handsets.

My spin: Well, Symantec has warned us about mobile viruses. Maybe it’s not hype afterall and there is a real need for mobile based anti-virus software.