o Wireless and Motive to Simplify Carrier Provisioning of Bundled Wired-Wireless Broadband Services

News: Boingo Wireless and Motive announced today that they have agreed to jointly offer service-provisioning solutions that simplify the installation of bundled Wi-Fi and DSL or cable modem broadband services.
The agreement enables the companies to go to market with service provisioning software that allows end-user customers to properly configure their PCs and related CPE devices for both broadband and Wi-Fi services. The agreement fits within the Boingo(TM) Platform Services Wi-Fi service offering.
“Boingo believes that the leading Wi-Fi providers will be those voice, data, or Internet service providers that can effectively bring the service to their large customer bases,” said Dave Hagan, Boingo president and COO. “From a customer’s perspective, a broadband and Wi-Fi bundled service is very natural because once users are accustomed to the speed of broadband in their home or office, they don’t want to return to dial-up speeds on the road.”