Paid Search Engine Listings: Creating a New Economy

My spin: I’ve been using Google’s Ad Sense for several months now and it’s wonderful. It’s obvious from my own web site and the success of the paid click services on Google and Yahoo’s newly purchased Overture that this does work. When someone’s on my web site, reading about CRM tools and can see ads for CRM tools along with the article it’s not just advertising but VALUE to my audience and that’s why these paid listing services are great for online publishers, for the online reader and for Google, Yahoo and others.
News Clip: NY Times: For years Internet advertising was written off as ineffective. The most typical ad format – the rectangular banner at the top of the Web page – was simply too small to be creative, informative or otherwise persuasive.
So, it is no small surprise that the hottest form of online advertising is now paid listings on search engines – a mere two sentences that make a banner ad look epic in comparison.
Forrester Research, a technology consulting firm, expects search-based advertising spending in the United States to grow 47 percent to $2.8 billion next year from $1.9 billion in 2003, which is faster than any other form of online marketing.
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