Private information exposed – for a short time – by accident

My spin:I feel sorry for the poor guy (or gal) who had the unfortunate mistake of leaving an important database open to the public. This hi-lights, not a problem with human error so much, although it was human error. But more so, a problem with the technology of security. A) There’s so many “holes” to plug when implementing a security solution B) how can one person, or even a team, know all the holes to plug?
News Clip: Cnet: A developer mistake left a sensitive database with detailed personal information, including Social Security numbers, open to public Internet access for a few hours on Tuesday.
The database–frequently used by law enforcement, credit agencies and private investigators–was accessible through a simple search form on the Web and contained millions of names, social security numbers, phone records and public records such as residential histories, confirmed, which provides the database service.
“It was a pretty small breach of information,” said Jon Latorella, CEO of the investigative services company. “It was only our bottom tier of information, or one up from the bottom.”
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