The role of the United Nations in technology

My spin:This news site is mainly focused on US news. However, we’ve got to remember that there’s not just businesses in our own country but all over the world, often who have a much more difficult time, especially those in developing countries, than US based companies do.
The United Nations is trying to find solutions. Although I hate the idea that we all must be forced to be economically equal, I do think giving others a helping hand is vital.
News Clip: NY Times: GENEVA, Dec. 10 -Whether governments should support open-source software like Linux over commercial software like Microsoft’s Windows was debated on Wednesday at a United Nations conference on closing the so-called digital divide between rich and poor countries.
Samuel Guimar„es, executive secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, told government representatives at the opening sessions of the meeting that open-source, or free-to-share, software was crucial for the developing world because it would permit poorer countries to develop their own technology instead of having to import it.
Brazil, with the support of India, South Africa and China, wanted the delegates to the meeting, the World Summit on the Information Society, to endorse open-source software as the best way to bridge the technology gap.
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U.N. Meeting Debates Software for Poor Nations
Kofi Annan, the secretary general of the United Nations, sent an e-mail message to a school during the World Summit on the Information Society, which is sponsored by the United Nations.